Case Study – Telecommunication

Customer problem

The operator of the German telecommunications network reported the problem of the need to delete data from SSDs. The degausser that the company has removes data only from magnetic media, whereby it is not dedicated to work with flash media. Deleting data using software is very time consuming and requires specific skills. At the same time, the internal analysis of the work efficiency of the IT department showed numerous areas for improvement, such as the use of IT work time for tasks that can be outsourced to less specialized employees.

Action taken

Data analysis showed a significant share of SSDs in terms of data storage.

Purchase of the ProDevice DGX02 automatic shredder.

Creating a procedure for destroying flash media by employees of the administration department.

The results

  • Physical destruction of SSD storage using an automatic shredder that complies with international standards for data media destruction.

  • Optimization of work time and costs of the IT department – destroying one medium takes from a few to several seconds.

  • Delegating simple tasks to less specialized departments.

  • Destruction of media at any time convenient for the IT department.

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