ProDevice MMD360+ manual media destroyer

ProDevice MMD360 + is a high-quality destroyer for the physical destruction of data carriers. It is an interesting alternative to fully automated devices available on the market. The machine is characterized by durability, reliability and compliance with data protection requirements. Due to its small size and light weight, the MMD360 + can be used in any office. Shipping case available – more here>>

ProDevice Mobile App. available and included to scan serial number of media and generate automatic reports.



We provide versatility and reliability – you can effectively destroy any digital media with an extremely durable device.

We provide convenience and flexibility – you can use the device in any location, even without access to electricity.

We ensure good value for money – you will receive a high-quality destroyer at an economical price.

Why choose the ProDevice MMD360 + destroyer?

There are many arguments, but the most important of them are the following:
  • The device physically destroys 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives, SSDs, magnetic tapes, pen drives, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Two modules with interchangeable steel pins for destroying media are standard: with a single one for punching hard drives, with 23 pins for flash media perforation.

  • Unique technology used in the defense industry guarantees long-term durability of the device coating.

  • The destroyer is operated manually, whereby it does not require a lot of physical strength from the operator.

  • The device is very stable during operation. The legs are covered with rubber to prevent the shredder from moving.

Technology used in the arms industry

The elements of the ProDevice MMD 360+ destroyer are nitrided: a special thermo-chemical treatment. Thanks to this, the top layer is extremely hard, and thus resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion. The outer shell formed on the metal surface protects the structure of the device against the adverse effects of external factors (e.g. humidity, temperature, etc.), securing it against corrosion. Therefore, the destroyer meets the most stringent operational requirements. Nitriding technology is successfully used in the defense industry to produce high-quality weapons.

  • ISO/IEC 21964

    • H-3 for hard drives HDD
    • T-1 for magnetic tape media
    • E-1 for electronic data media
  • DIN66399:

    • H-3 for hard drives HDD
    • T-1 for magnetic tape media
    • E-1 for electronic data media
  • DMS 2008: level A for physical HDD destruction

Destroying data media with the ProDevice MMD360+ device causes disks, tapes, tablets or cell phones to be deformed and damaged. MMD360+ is a perfect solution for companies and institutions that care for only the highest standards related to the protection of confidential data, defined by GDPR.
Media for destruction
  • HDD 2,5” i 3,5” and SSD

  • Magnetic tapes

  • Pendrives

  • Mobile phones, tablets – lithium batteries need to be removed before the destruction/shredding process

  • CD, DVD, floppy discs

Technical specification
Dimensions (with handle) 560 mm x 340 mm x 750 mm / 22 in x 13.4 in x 29.5 in
Weight 35 kg / 77.2 lb
Shipping case (option)Yes
Warranty 5 years
The manufacturer reserves the right to update, improve, provide additional functionality, or otherwise introduce changes to the design of any products deemed necessary by the manufacturer.
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