Demagnetizer / degausser for data removal

ProDevice degaussers are high-quality devices for the safe and irreversible removal of data from functional or damaged magnetic media. Created on the basis of many years of experience of our engineers, they are based on the best components as well as patented and innovative technologies. Work on the continuous development of products in our R&D center makes the devices unrivaled in the market of degaussers for removing information from storage media.

Why are ProDevice degaussers effective at destroying data?

The great efficiency and effectiveness of degaussers is guaranteed by the strong magnetic field generated by the devices – in the case of the ASM240 model it is as much as 20.000 Gauss. No degausser available on the market achieves such high magnetic field induction parameters, guaranteeing 100% data destruction from even the latest generation of media. ProDevice degaussers meet the strictest security standards and data destruction guidelines.

Hard disk degausser with PPMS technology

ProDevice ASM120 (professional version) and ASM240 degausser have implemented, innovative on a global scale PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology, which allows the devices to work in pre-paid mode. It is an extremely comfortable solution for institutions or companies that want to rent a device and only pay for the actual number of carriers from which data has been removed.

ProDevice degausser - easy operation and comfort of use

Degaussers are extremely easy to use – they operate automatically, they do not require special permission or training. Deleting data from one medium takes 30 seconds (ASM240 model). The mobile application enables full monitoring of the data removal process (scanning, photographing media, recording a film and creating a degaussing report). The small size of the ProDevice degaussers and their impeccable design make them suitable for any office – even for a small one. Optionally, a suitcase is also available, which allows for convenient and safe transport of devices between different locations.

Degaussers are designed, tested and manufactured in our R&D center. Their reliability is confirmed by numerous customer references. Currently, the devices are sold in over 40 countries around the world.