ProDevice Mobile App

Meet the world’s first devices for data deletion, media destruction and inventory of storage media compatible with an intuitive ProDevice mobile application. The application has been created to support ProDevice products and is available in standard and extended versions. For each purchased device you will receive as many as 5 free user licenses.




We guarantee convenience – while using the application it’s possible to scan serial numbers, take pictures of carriers, record videos of the degaussing process and create clear reports.

We provide easy reporting of the entire process – possibility to export the report to .pdf and .csv.

We save time – automatic creation of photo documentation when using the extended version of the application in combination with the ProDevice ASM240+ degausser.

Combining the application with the ProDevice ASM240 degausser presents you the opportunity to:

  • Access to the extended version of the application.

  • Photographing and recording the process directly from the application and attaching this documentation to the report.

  • Taking photos from the device level (the built-in camera automatically takes pictures of degaussed media and attaches the photos to the report) – applicable to the ASM240+ model.

  • Access to the full report after logging into the device’s wi-fi network.

ProDevice application - easy creation of transparent reports:

The scanning function gives you the ability to read the barcodes from different carriers – you can easily adjust the scanner to the type of code. Serial numbers, photos and videos of the processes carried out, are exported to a report that the user can download to a mobile device or share directly from the application.
taking photos
recording movies
creating reports
ProDevice App on your mobile device:
  • Possibility to download to IOS and Android devices.

  • Intuitive, easy to use.

  • Multilingual (available in 8 different languages).

8 languages: English, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Czech, Slovak
  • The ProDevice App was made for users who want to create the full documentation connected with the process of demagnetization, destruction or inventory of data carriers.

Technical specification
ProDevice App – standard version ProDevice App – extended version
Supported devicesAll ProDevice productsASM240 Professional and ASM240+ degaussers
Number of licensesPackage of 5 licenses for each ProDevice product purchasedPackage of 5 licenses for each ProDevice product purchased
Serial number scanningYesYes
Taking photosNoYes
Recording movies NoYes
Creating reportsYesYes
Access to the report from the device levelNoYes
The manufacturer reserves the right to update, improve, provide additional functionality, or otherwise introduce changes to the design of any products deemed necessary by the manufacturer.