About us

Who we are?

ProDevice is a leader in modern technologies of data removal from various types of storage media. We have been operating continuously since 2012, producing the highest quality degaussers and media shredders/destroyers. The products meet strict standards related to data protection, defined by international guidelines and legal regulations, such as GDPR.

Adapting to the constantly changing digital world, we focus on reliability, best design and efficient service of our products. Thanks to this approach to business, we have quickly gained the trust of our customers. The consequence of our development policy has become close commercial relations with our Partners  in over 50 countries around the world: in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Africa.

We are among the companies to receive the quality assurance label “Cyber Security Made in Europe” from the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO).

Our products aim for a circular economy strategy, which are realized through European Projects such as REEPRODUCE we actively take part in. More infor here>>

We treat the destruction of sensitive information as an integral part of the mandatory data protection and cyber security policy that should be implemented in every company and institution.



creation of the ProDevice ProDevice brand


establishment of cooperation with research units (University of Science and Technology in Cracow)


start of the ProDevice ASM120 production – the world’s first degausser with PPMS technology


launch of the ProDevice MMD360 + data media destroyer


start of the cooperation with the Institute of Electron Technology


move to a new headquarters and launching a research and development R&D center


start of the ProDevice ASM240 degausser production


launch of the ProDevice DGX02 automatic data media shredder.


establishment of the ProDevice company


open of an official representative office in Germany


launch of the new line of ProDevice OMS office data media shredders.


establishment of the ProDevice company in the USA


launch of the REEPRODUCE project – we are developing of the first European system for the recovery of rare earth elements, the so-called REE-recycling.


When working on the development of ProDevice products, we focus on knowledge and experience. In our R&D center, we have been concentrating on research and scientific projects for many years and we are implementing a cooperative program with renowned academic centers. Thanks to this, we create reliable devices for effective, safe and irreversible data deletion and media destruction.

Our knowledge and innovation transfer center is fully equipped and adapted to work on new technologies. Experienced ProDevice staff, consisting of awarded scientists and engineers, conducts numerous tests and experiments, including in the field of materials science, electronics and electromagnetism. A Faraday’s cage – a specialized room, fully earthed, designed to eliminate external disturbances – allows us to carry out, for example, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests on degaussers that we introduce to the market. This method of testing prototypes guarantees safety, which is most desirable when working with high voltages, strong magnetic fields or completely new physical phenomena.

Case Study

Many years of experience, development work on new data destruction technologies and efficient service make us reliable partners of many institutions and companies from various industries. See how we support our clients in the implementation of the assumptions resulting from international and internal procedures related to the irreversible destruction of information from storage media.