Case Study – Finance

Customer problem

One of the largest Polish banks used professional data deletion and destruction of storage media several times a year. These services were performed by an external company. Each year, the IT department had to budget for large expenses related to the implementation of the above-mentioned works. The IT director was instructed to reduce the department’s costs without changing the quality of work and the level of data security, while maintaining the highest level of compliance with the ISO27001. It was important for the client to acquire a technology approved to the NIST SP 800-88 standard, one which is easy-to-use, and technology that has the possibility to generate auditing reports.

Action taken

The analysis of the scale of the problem showed significant amounts of carriers to be destroyed on an annual basis.

A thorough search for solutions which were compliant with internal procedures and EU law.

The purchase of a ProDevice ASM120 degausser.


  • Optimizing costs of the IT department’s budget – one-time purchase of  equipment that is used for many years to come.

  • Independence of institutions from outsourcing to external companies for  data deletion.

  • Data deletion and media destruction at any time convenient for the IT department.

  • Compliance with internal procedures defining the principles of warranty service for purchased IT devices (extended warranty up to five years).

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