ProDevice DSS media cabinet

The ProDevice DSS (Drawer Storage System) cabinet
is a perfect solution for secure storage of data carriers (hard drives, magnetic tapes, disks, floppy disks, etc.). The product is made of high-quality steel, and powder coated. Drawers are lined with a damping mat, which protects the carriers, also minimizes the possibility of media movements and partitions when pulling out and inserting drawers. ProDevice storage cabinets are successfully sold worldwide through our extensive distributor network.

ProDevice Mobile App. available and included to scan serial number of the media and generate automatic reports.



We provide security and control – a solid structure and dedicated systems guarantee security of stored data.

We ensure efficiency – you can store a minimum of 540 tapes in the cabinet.

We ensure good value for money – you will receive a high-quality product at an economical price.

Why choose the ProDevice DSS cabinet?

There are many reasons, but the most important of them are the following:
  • The drawers for data carriers are equipped with separating barriers, which can be freely configured, depending on the type of media stored in a drawer.

  • The drawers close with Ultra Track lock.

  • The edges of the drawer handles are secured with a special rubber, which ensures safety and comfort of use.

  • The drawers are mounted on telescopic ball bearing slides (with a lock preventing falling out), ensuring smooth and light ejection.

  • The cabinet is equipped with self-leveling feet.

  • The maximum uniform load of each drawer is 50 kg / 110 lb.

  • Product assembled – ready to use.

Security of stored media

The ProDevice DSS cabinet guarantees safe media storage. The drawers of the device are closed with an Ultra Track lock (two keys included). The patented locking mechanism prevents several drawers from being pulled out at the same time.

Media that can be stored in DSS cabinets:
  • HDD 2,5” i 3,5” disks

  • Data tape media: LTO, DLT, SDLT, DDS, DAT, AIT, Travan, MLR, SLR, QIC, 3480/3490, 3490E, 3590, 3590E,
    3592, 9840, 9940, T10K, SD-3, VXA

  • Audio and video tape cassettes, floppy

Media cabinet operates in accordance with the ISO27001 standard. It is a perfect solution for companies and institutions that care for only the highest standards related to protection of confidential data, defined by GDPR.
Terms of use
  • Always place media in the cabinet from the bottom-up (bottom drawer).

  • Drawers should be evenly loaded, not exceeding the permissible load of 50 kg / 110 lb.

Technical specification
DSS 500DSS 600
Dimensions1071 mm x 1005 mm x 590 mm / 42.2 in x 39.6 in x 23.2 in1071 mm x 1005 mm x 590 mm / 42.2 in x 39.6 in x 23.2 in
Number of drawers with dimensions: ext. 115 mm × 950 mm × 523 mm (4.5 in x 37.4 in x 20.6 in) / int. 102 mm × 905 mm × 473 mm (4.0 in x 35.6 in x 18.6 in)15
Number of drawers with dimensions: ext. 155 mm × 950 mm × 523 mm (6.1 in x 37.4 in x 20.6 in) / int. 142 mm × 905 mm × 473 mm (5.6 in x 35.6 in x 18.6 in)52
Capacity ( LTO tapes without boxes in a small drawer and LTO tapes with boxes in a bigger drawer)min. 540 tapesmin. 630 tapes
Weight 171 kg / 377 lb 176 kg / 388 lb
Warranty2 years2 years
The manufacturer reserves the right to update, improve, provide additional functionality, or otherwise introduce changes to the design of any products deemed necessary by the manufacturer.
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