Media destroyers/shredders

Data media shredders/destroyers

ProDevice destroyers/shredders are state-of-the-art devices for the physical destruction of various types of electronic data carriers: server disks, hard drives, magnetic tapes, tablets, mobile phones, SSD drives, etc. All ProDevice models have been designed and tested by our R&D center engineers.

Destruction of data from storage media

Shredders/destroyers are used in the permanent data erasure process to complement the demagnetization of magnetic media. It is an ideal solution for the physical destruction of flash media. Shredders physically damage data carriers by punching holes, deforming, crushing or shredding them.

ProDevice shredders / destroyers

The ProDevice MMD360 + destroyer is a handheld model that punches holes in the data carrier in several places. Due to its compact size and modern design, the device can be used even in small offices. The DGX03 shredder is an automatic, industrial device, designed for shredding a larger number of media. An interesting alternative is the OMS line shredders – small office devices for the physical shredding of data carriers.
ProDevice data media shredders and destroyers are sold through a network of partners in over 50 countries around the world. Their reliability is confirmed by numerous references from satisfied customers.