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Introduce media demagnetization into your offer!

Do you provide physical destruction services for data carriers? We have an idea for you for additional income. The introduction of data removal services using a degausser is a good way to grow your business.

Degaussing + data media destruction = comprehensive service

Many companies and institutions have very strict regulations regarding the security of confidential information. Many of them clearly state that unnecessary data must first be removed with a degausser, and the media must then be physically destroyed and disposed of. These types of entities are looking for a provider of comprehensive media removal and destruction services. If you already run a business focused on providing physical media destruction services, the only investment you need to make is the purchase of a professional degausser.
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Which degausser will be the best for providing services?

The one that works quickly, reliably and gives confidence that the data will actually be removed from the data carriers. It is good to be able to transport the device in a convenient case. To provide data destruction services, it is best to choose a degausser with the PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) function. This type of device will give you an additional option: you can program the degausser for a predetermined number of erase cycles, and then rent the device to the customer. You do not waste time, perform the service and earn money. Simple!

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