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Data removal with ProDevice ASM120 degausser

When choosing a degausser, it should be remembered that not every device guarantees effective removal of data from a disk or magnetic tape. The strength of the electromagnetic field generated by the device must be sufficiently strong – then we are sure that the data will be erased. If you are really pressed for time., it’s a good idea to choose a model that works automatically, which will take up to 30 seconds to degauss the drive.

We encourage you to watch a short video showing the process of removing data from HDD disks with the ProDevice ASM120 degausser.

First the carriers are scanned – thanks to this a Customer gets a full report regarding the number and serial numbers of degaussed disks. Then the carriers are degaussed – the ASM120 degausser generates a strong electromagnetic pulse and destroys all data recordered on the tape or hard disk. At the end they are labeled with a sticker confirming that they have undergone a degaussing process and the data has been irretrievably deleted. Professional companies that provide degaussing services should film the whole process of data destruction so that the Customer can be sure what is happening with the carriers.

We remind you that the ASM120 degausser is a device that generates an electromagnetic field with a power of up to 11,000 gauss, thanks to which information from magnetic carriers is permanently removed and their recovery is not possible. It can be used to render data inaccessible on functional and non-functional (damaged) magnetic tape and hard disk drives.. Tapes or disks after applying degausser are not suitable for further use.

The ASM120 degausser has implemented the Pre-Paid Managemet System technology, which allows to remotely program the device for a specified number of cycles. PPMS gives you the opportunity to rent a degausser for a certain number of demagnetization cycles. The Customer doesn’t have to buy a degausser – he can only rent it.

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