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A mobile app. that works with a degausser? Possible!

Imagine a smart device for irretrievable data erasure from magnetic media that creates complete degaussing reports.

Did you know that you can download our unique ProDevice application for commercial use on your mobile device?

Available on the:
App Store:
Google Play:

What are the benefits of the application?
The App is user-friendly and it is developed based on the extensive user’s experience of our service team and our local Partners.

Thanks to it, you can scan barcodes of degaussed / destroyed media and create automatic, transparent reports. The report can include all the details about the user and the ProDevice product which is being used.

Do you have a ProDevice ASM240 / ASM240+ degausser?
Great! The extended version of the application allows you to:

  • Scanning barcodes of media that you degauss.
  • Taking photos of degaussed media.
  • Making videos of the data destruction process.
  • Creating data removal reports that you can download to your computer.

Professional report of data destruction process is a requirement to guarantee the compliance to the international standards and local data protection regulations.

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