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6 reasons, why is it worth buying a degausser

People who care about data security in enterprises or institutions are well aware of the obligation to remove information from media effectively and safely. A demagnetizer (degausser) is a device that, thanks to its strong magnetic field, irrevocably erases data from magnetic media: hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tapes. Why is it worth buying a degausser?

You act in accordance with the law.
In Europe, the issue of secure data destruction is regulated by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). There are serious financial sanctions for non-compliance with procedures.
You will comply with internal company regulations.
Internal regulations oblige you to irretrievably remove unnecessary information from carriers? Purchasing a degausser solves your problem.
You avoid financial and image consequences.
Thanks to the device you can be sure that you act in accordance with the law, so you avoid financial liability in the case of a leak of confidential information. Your company and / or institution inspires trust and is seen as professional.
You save money.
You have your own equipment, so you don’t have to use the services of external companies. With the degausser, you remove data from magnetic disks whenever you want. You pay once and use the device for many years.
You don’t waste time.
Deleting data from the HDD with the help of software takes a long time (an average of one takes one and a half hours). With a degausser, it will take you from a dozen to several dozen seconds.
You earn money.
Yes, it is possible. If you become a partner of our brand and introduce demagnetizers in your offer, your company’s revenues will increase quickly. There is a huge demand on the market for this type of products. In addition, if you buy a device with PPMS (Pre Paid Management System) technology, you can charge the device remotely for a specified number of data removal cycles and then rent the device to your customers.

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