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Facts and myths about the degaussing of data carriers

There are quite a few facts and myths about the degaussing process. see the most popular ones.

Data after degaussing of the medium can be recovered.
Myth. This is not possible if the degaussing process has been carried out correctly.

With a degausser you can delete data from DVD, CD, SSD media.
Myth. The degausser erases data only from magnetic media (HDDs, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, etc.).

The demagnetized medium is not suitable for further use.
Fact. After demagnetization, the media cannot be reused – servo paths are completely erased.

Each degausser erases the data
Myth. For the data to be effectively removed, the electromagnetic field emitted by the device should be much higher than the magnetic coercivity of the carrier. Some commercially available degaussers are too weak to remove data from any type of media.

Disk degaussing is as effective as physical destruction
Myth. Shredding, puncturing or crushing the media does NOT guarantee that data cannot be recovered. There are many specialized companies on the market that have methods to effectively recover information from even small pieces of disk or tape.

The degaussers work with the mobile application
Fact. There are devices (e.g. ProDevice brands) that can be operated through applications available on IOS or Android. The applications allow you to photograph degaussed media, make films from demagnetization or generate reports on the carried out process.

Degaussing is always more expensive than physical destruction.
Myth. Many companies offer demagnetization services at a significantly lower price than physical destruction of media.

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