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What is PPMS Technology?

PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) is an innovative technology implemented in modern degaussers – devices that destroy data from magnetic media with a magnetic pulse.

Imagine the following situation:
The company has data carriers with confidential information. Its managers don’t want to buy or cannot afford to buy a professional degausser. Internal security procedures also don’t allow the use of professional services of an external company. For such companies, the best solution would be to rent a degausser and pay for its use.
PPMS technology enables this. The degausser is loaned and programmed with a pre-defined volume of data destruction units and the loaning company (using a special software) at any time can recharge the degausser for an additional, specified number storage device erasing cycles. Thus the users may freely decide as for the total number of degaussed cassettes or disks. Additionally, they can carry out the data removal process independently, in any place and at any time. All of this allows to avoid the complex procedures often associated with admitting access to an outside data removal company.

Meet the degausser with Pre-Paid technology

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