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Types of media shredders – which one to choose?

Enterprises and institutions are legally obliged to delete data from electronic media, which they submit for repair, liquidation or sale. How to effectively get rid of this information? For magnetic media, a great way to “clean” them is to use a professional degausser. The data from flash media cannot be successfully removed with this kind of device. In our research and development center we are working hard on inventing a technology that would destroy the structure of flash / SSD memory. These days, however, to get rid of data from this type of media, use a physical shredder.

Manual data destroyers

There are many devices available on the market that perforate, break or crush the media. The shredder should be adapted to the actual needs of the company. Small institutions that do not have a significant amount of media for regular destruction should choose a hand-operated device, preferably a small, compact model, and at the same time … elegant. One that can be put in the office and which will blend in even with a very modern room design. The ProDevice MMD360 shredder is the perfect choice – you need a little power to operate it. The device perforates all types of electronic media, while meeting the data protection requirements. An additional advantage here is the price – this type of device is not expensive, it is certainly an expense that is acceptable in the budget of any enterprise.

manual destroyer
Manual media destroyer MMD360+

Automatic data shredders

Enterprises or institutions with significant amounts of media for regular destruction should choose an automatic model. These types of machines run quickly, usually shredding media into small pieces. Automatic shredders are more expensive than manual models, but it can be a reasonable choice for companies with larger needs in terms of effective data removal. It is also important to remember that when purchasing this type of device you have space in which the machine should work. A recommended automatic shredder is the ProDevice DGX02 model for the final shredding of data carriers. The machine works quickly, reliably and in a short period of time is able to physically destroy more carriers. The price that the company must spend on the purchase of such a device is higher than in the case of manual models, but certainly the financial penalty imposed on the company for an uncontrolled data leakage will be even higher. Is it worth taking risk then? Definitely not. The uncontrolled leakage of sensitive information can threaten a company not only financially but also have legal consequences.

Prodevice media ahredder_4
Industrial media shredder DGX02

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