Mobile phone shredder

Mobile phone shredder? It is not a luxury, but a standard in every organization.

Almost every company or institution has professional paper shredders. This is important because a data medium such as paper may contain a lot of valuable data for the organization. What about electronic storage media? In this case, IT managers do not always take proper care of the disposal of media on which key information may be stored (personal data, account numbers, photos, etc.). If we are dealing with a magnetic medium, simply degauss it with a professional degausser – in this case, using the device guarantees safe and irreversible destruction of data from a hard drive, magnetic tape or floppy disk.

How to dispose of mobile phones? Almost every organization has old, unused models that it stores and does not know what to do with them. The solution is a professional mobile phone shredder. ProDevice offers several models – depending on the customer’s needs and budget. These are:

When your organization needs to slightly destroy a phone, the best solution will be to purchase the MMD360+ destroyer. If shredding of a mobile phone is required, we recommend purchasing an automatic shredder, preferably from the ProDevice OMS line – these models meet DIN6639 safety standards at level E-4.

Professional devices for destroying mobile phones and other digital data carriers (hard drives, SSD drives, tablets, pendrives) can be purchased directly from ProDevice or through a network of authorized distributors. The advantage of the devices is reliability, ease of use. We guarantee training in the use of the device and support during use. To destroy data media, you can also use the services of a professional company whose reliability is confirmed by appropriate ISO certificates.

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