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Magnetic and flash media – how to remove data from them?

In the case of effective data destruction from data media, it is extremely important to know the technologies necessary to carry out the process. The selection of appropriate equipment and methods of data destruction depend mainly on the type of medium.

Data deletion from magnetic media

To erase information from a magnetic carrier (e.g. HDD, magnetic tape, floppy disk), it is enough to use a good quality degausser, which will irretrievably erase data by the action of a strong magnetic field.
NOTE! For the data to be effectively removed, the magnetic field emitted by the device should be much higher than the magnetic coercivity of the carrier. After degaussing process, the media cannot be reused – servo paths are completely erased.

Many companies around the world have an internal information security policy that involves a three-stage process of data destruction from magnetic media:

Data deletion from flash media

It is much difficult to delete data from carriers of this type (SSD disks, mobile phones, etc.) than from typical HDDs. The reason for this is the completely different construction of the carrier. It turns out that even the most advanced overwritten algorithms will leave the original data on the disk.
Degaussing process is not an effective method of removing information from flash memory – the degausser will not delete data stored on SSD. Physical destruction is the most common way of data removal from this type of media that companies choose. There are many different types of shredders / detroyers on the market that shred media, drill or break them.

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