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How to protect your business against data leakage? 7 tips

Regardless of the size, today’s companies are increasingly exposed to the loss of valuable data. We know that information is a critical and very expensive element. We also know that technology is moving forward, more and more threats appear. Therefore, the risk of information leakage or simply data loss cannot be 100% eliminated. However, we know that you can effectively protect yourself against this problem. Here are some tips:

  1. Make regular data backup.
    Thanks to this, it is possible to restore data in a situation where, for example, it has been destroyed or partially damaged.
  2. Encrypt your data.
    As the sensitive data in company is often accessed by many employees and applications, it needs to be encrypted for a secure data networking.
  3. Secure confidential data sent by e-mail (data encryption to specific recipients, electronic signature).
  4. Use of business instant messaging.
    They have (unlike consumer messengers) many security features, including an encryption function.
  5. Educate employees on best network security practices.
    Persons responsible for information security in an enterprise or institution should be aware of the consequences of ignorance or simple negligence in the storage and destruction of data.
  6. Create a strict data security policy in the company.
    Implement it and make sure it is followed.
  7. Take care of the effective destruction of data that you no longer need, but for people outside the company may be valuable.
    The best way to delete data is to degauss the storage media. In the case of flash media – it is best to destroy them physically with a professional shredder.

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