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How to destroy media physically?

One of the methods of removing data from storage media is their physical destruction. Before it, you can degauss media. Currently, physical destruction is the best way to remove information from SSD – from this type of disks, you can’t delete data with the help of degausser.

Media shredders / destroyers are devices that damage the disk, tape, mobile phone or tablet in a physical way. Such devices perforate, crush the carrier or grind it into small pieces.

There are manual and automatic shredders available on the market. The first of them for proper operation require only the strength of the operator. Such a device is, for example, ProDevice MMD360 media destroyer. Small, easy to use with a pleasant design, is the equipment of many offices in the world. The device pierces the carrier using a pin made of hardened steel.

ProDevice MMD360+ destroyer_5
ProDevice MMD360+ destroyer

The next group are automatic shredders that grind data media – a perfect example here is the ProDevice DGX02 shredder that is entering the market this year. The device works in an automatic way, it is ideal if you need to grind more disks, tapes, flash memory or tablets.

Prodevice media ahredder_4
Prodevice media shredder

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