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Degausser – what are its advantages?

The introduction of GDPR in Europe in 2018, and the consequent implementation of similar Local Data Protection Regulations in the majority of Countries, has increased the awareness of companies, institutions and business entities of the importance of adopting the most secure and advanced tools and technologies of data protection.
A data breach or a data loss it is not just a huge economical and financial issue, but is also a reputation damage which can direct potential customers to competing companies.

One of the most effective methods of removing data from magnetic media is degaussing – the media is exposed to a strong magnetic field and the data is removed irretrievably. The device used in this process is called a degausser.
Having a degausser in your company brings many benefits. Here are the most important of them:

  • One-time investment in the device guarantees many years of work.
  • Time saving – data stored on a hard disk or other magnetic carrier is deleted in several seconds.
  • Ease of use – the device does not require any special qualifications by the operator and can be operated by basic IT staff.
  • Security – degaussing is recommended by the NSA as one of the most effective methods of data removal.
  • Mobility – the degausser can be easily moved to different departments and locations.
  • Compliance with procedures – with one device, the company guarantees compliance with the provisions of the GDPR and the internal security policy regarding data destruction from all magnetic media.
  • Documentation of the data destruction process – some degaussers available on the market (e.g. the ProDevice ASM240 degausser) guarantee quick and transparent degaussing reporting. The report includes serial numbers of data carriers, photos and videos. The most modern devices of this type work with mobile applications.

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