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Data removal from SSD

Solid-state drives are gaining popularity not only in laptops, but also in desktops. SSD (Solid State Drive) is memory in the form of NAND flash memory. The lack of typical HDD heads and spinning platters brings SSD several benefits (including greater resistance to shocks and damage). It is known, however, that they have a serious disadvantage, which is particularly important not only to the point of view of enterprises, institutions and government agencies, but also for the”average Joe”. It is much difficult to delete data from carriers of this type than from typical HDDs. The reason for this is the completely different construction of the carrier. It turns out that even the most advanced overwritten algorithms will leave the original data on the disk. The use of a typical degausser will also be ineffective – this device will not destroy data on SSD, because these disks do not store information on magnetic media, but on Flash memory (degausser can handle HDDs and magnetic tapes).

So what should we do if we want to get rid of the old SSD with extremely sensitive data? Above all, take special care and use the services of a professional company that has an ISO certificate for this type of operation. Until the technology of effective data erasure from SSD * is developed, the carriers should be physically damaged by a media shredder / grinder and then reprocessed by a professional company.

The efficiency of the commercially available shredders is defined in DIN 66399, which isolates 7 safety levels related to the requirements for the shredder.

*Currently, intensive work is under way in our R & D center to develop an effective method of irretrievably erased data from Flash media.

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