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Best Data Protection Solutions

Cybernews has published a list of the best data protection solutions on the market today. We are on it!

Congratulations to the other companies:

Removaly – personal data removal services.

BlackFog – behavioral analysis, anti-data exfiltration technology, and ransomware prevention.

Quantum Exchange – quantum-resistant cryptography.

Galaxkey – secure workspace platform including email encryption and secure e-document signing.

Internxt – zero-knowledge encrypted cloud storage solution.

Safetica – data loss prevention, data discovery and classification, insider threat detection – an all-in-one solution.

Device Authority – services for device and data protection within IoT networks.

Enveil – security solutions for data-in-use, secure searches, and secure ML data analysis.

Eclypses – zero-day protection and application-level data security.

Baffle – data loss prevention, encryption, and access management.

Cysec – data security solutions for fintech, satellite ecosystems, and IoT and edge computing.

Evalian – data security compliance, training, and security systems pentesting solution.

NetCenrics – reliable threat assessment and security infrastructure building services.

Cryptolab – encryption solutions for cloud, biometric data, and blockchain security.

We are pleased with the growing awareness of the need to delete data from storage media.

Remember! Data deletion is data protection


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