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A revolution in the data destruction technology market – data removal from flash media (prototype)

It is much more difficult to delete data from flash drives (data removal from flash media) than from typical HDDs. The reason for this is their completely different design. It turns out that even the most advanced overwriting algorithms will leave the original information. In that case, is it completely safe to remove information with software? Not necessarily – residual data can be recovered in a specialized laboratory.

Can information stored on a flash drive be removed with a degausser? Unfortunately, in this case, demagnetization is not an effective method of deleting data – the degausser will remove information from magnetic carriers (this is the best NSA-recommended way to remove data from such media).
The most common way of removing data from flash media chosen by enterprises is the data overwriting or physical destruction of the media. There are many different types of shredders on the market that shred, pierce or break them. The next step is to hand over the carriers for recycling.

Data removal from flash media – DEFLASHER T1000 (prototype)
Revolutionary technology

New technology is coming. A real revolution in the data destruction market.

From January 2019, we conducted research and development work related to the development of a prototype device for removing data from flash media. The project was carried out in R&D center, which was launched at the turn of 2017 and 2018. The result of the work of our engineers and cooperating with the us research centers is the final version of the prototype called ProDevice DEFLASHER T1000:

  • Irreversible and safe data destruction from any media equipped with flash memory stripped of metal housings.
  • Permanent damage to the internal structures of the carrier.
  • Data destruction without damaging the external housing of the carrier. Thanks to this, an inventory after the process is possible.
  • Unique and innovative technology developed by ProDevice R&D center.
  • Mobility of the device thanks to the use of industrial grade wheels.

Do you want to know more information about the device and data removal from flash media? Follow us – details soon.

data removal from flash media

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